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                Product Information
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                HOME >> Gas-injection >> Gas-injection valve

                Fuel-injection valve,gasoline 0 437 502 010
                OEM Part Number
                MERCEDES-BENZ 000 078 40 23
                RENAULT 77 00 267 040
                PERRARI 113975
                FERRARI engine No: F106 N../F105 C..
                MERCEDES-BENZ engine No: M102 982/M NO.984
                RENAULT engine No: 27V 709/PRV 140
                Models this injector works with--
                Applicable K-Jectronic Models
                Make Model Type
                Audi 5 + 5 GLE 81
                100 KF
                BMW 318 E21
                320 E21
                323 E21
                520 E12
                Ferrari 308 F106B
                308 F105A
                328 F105C
                328 F105CB
                400 F101
                512 BB F110A
                Mondial F106B
                Mondial F105A
                Mondial F105C
                Testarossa F113A
                Mercedes Benz 180 W201 M102.910
                190 W201 M102.961
                190 W201 M102.962
                190 W201 M102.985
                190 W201 M103.942
                230 W123 M102.980
                230 W124 M102.982
                260 W124 M103.940
                280 W116 M110.985
                280 W123 M110.984
                280 W126 M110.987
                300 W124 M103.940
                300 W124 M103.983
                300 W126
                350 W116/107 M116.985
                380 W126/107 M116.960
                450 W116/107 M117.986
                450 W116 M100.985
                Peugeot 604 08/77-03/78
                604 06/83-06/86
                Volvo 240 Series B21E
                260 Series B27E
                740 B28E/F
                760GLE B280F
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