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                For sample production,Chinese standard,strongly suggest  
                one sample order for quanlity-check before bulk purchasing.  
                      Putian Hongye Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. and Fujian China Diesel Trading Co.,Ltd. are two branch companies of China Hanji Power Co.,Ltd.. Due to the business exapanding neccessary,the two new branch companies were established. All the three companies belong to China Hanji Group.Mainly business of this group is manufacturing and exporting diesel injection parts,including VE pumps , VE Pump parts , nozzles , elements , delivery valves , head rotors , cam disks , drive shafts , solenoids , injectors , and other pump parts , common rail pumps and parts , common rail injectors , CR valves ....etc. , We look forward to have a chance to cooperate with you.     

                The 129th China Import and Export Fair
                Date:15 Apr. - 24 Apr.
                Live online
                CHJ Live online
                歌婢扮寂2021.4.15 - 04.24

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