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                Product Information
                  Common Rail Valve
                     ¢Å 334 Valve Cap 6.6$    
                     ¢Æ 110 Series 8$    
                     ¢Ç 120 Series 8.8$    
                  Common Rail System
                  New Products
                  Unit Injector
                  AMBAC Series
                  VE pump
                  VP Series
                  HEUI Injector
                  Nozzle Holders
                  Unit Pump
                  Electronic Control
                  Delivery Valve
                  Engine chart
                  Repair Kit & Tool
                  Standard Injector
                  Common Rail CRS200A
                  Processing Equipment
                  Electronic Pump
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                About CHJ >> New Center

                The Secretary of Putian Municipal Party Committee Yang Gensheng arrived in our company to guide work

                  ¡¡¡¡On September 29, 2009, the Secretary of Putian Municipal Party Committee Yang Gensheng, with leaders from Putian City and Hanjiang District, arrived in China Hanji Power Co., Ltd for investigation and recommendation. President Chen zhong and General Manager Bao Chengbin as well as other leaders of China Hanji Power Company together accompanied them for inspection and visit and investigation.
                  ¡¡¡¡President Chen Zhong extended warm welcome to Secretary Yang Gensheng and also leaders from Putian city and Hanjiang District for their special visits and investigation. Meanwhile, president Chen Zhong gave them an introduction of the corporate culture, development conception and the operational and management state of China Hanji Power Co., Ltd. After debriefing, Secretary Yang and his company expressed full approval on the corporate clear development strategy for actively enhancing the core ability of competition, seeking new breakthroughs, efficiently addressing the effects brought by the economic crisis and developing under unfavorable conditions. At the same time, they expressed their appreciation and encouragement for the fact that China Hanji Power Company still maintains a fast and sound growth momentum under the economic recession background.



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                Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.Our major products are Ve Pump,diesel injection parts, diesel nozzle,diesel fuel injection system,and the interrelated products (such as Head Rotor,Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft , Magnet Valve , etc.),Diesel Plunger(A ,AS,P,PS7100,P8500,MW type, etc.) ,Diesel Nozzle (Dn,DNOPDN,S,SN,PN and so on.),Delivery Valve,Cat Pencil Injectors and so on.