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                About CHJ >> School-enterprise cooperation

                School-enterprise cooperation Write a New Chapter

                Industry-university cooperation training base between Chinahanji company
                and Meizhou Bay Polytechnic starts

                  After 2 months of careful preparation, industry-university cooperation projects between China Hanji Power Co., Ltd and Meizhou Bay Polytechnic reached full fruition.

                  14:30 pm on April 26, 2012, The unveiled and started ceremony of industry-university cooperative training base was held by China Hanji Power Co., Ltd and Meizhou Bay Polytechnic in Meizhou Bay Polytechnic Engineering Training Center.

                  The president of Meizhou Bay Polytechnic Mr.Wenyu Peng,Vice president Ms.Yamin Huang and General Managerof China Hanji Power Co., Ltd Mr.Chenbin Bao attended the ceremony. Mr.Chenbin Bao and Ms.Yamin made a speech to congratulate respectively .

                  The school-enterprise cooperation is the practice of academia to the market, is also conducive to the advantage of integration of the institutions, enterprises, and student resources. An important measure which is conducive to achieve win-win-win among institutions, enterprises, student. Is the only way to development of Vocational and Specialized Higher Education in future .

                  We will constantly improve in the process of cooperation, accumulate experience, mutual respect, mutual benefit and jointly create and maintain the industry-university cooperation, so that to operate orderly and develope stablely, so that institutions, businesses, students win-win situation achieve to the maximum.


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